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Keeping your data secure!

Instead of scratching your head to come up with a new password for each account, use a password manager to automatically generate long, random, strong passwords. It’ll also remember them for you. You only need to remember one password ……

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The best organised shoe box

IS NOT A SHOE BOX AT ALL!!   MYOB has developed a “shoebox assistant” : using your smartphone, you take a picture of receipts or bills, send it to your intray in AccountRight or Essentials – and it’s done.  The data…

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Payday Filing

It doesn't have to mean extra work for the Employer If you are an employer, you’ve likely heard about Payday filing by now.  If you haven’t, you best get up to speed quickly (go to our website and search…

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Important Notice from Xero

Xero has announced a price increase from 28 September 2018 due to a new add-on which will improve functionality. The all new Xero Expenses is launching soon, making it simpler to claim expenses and giving you valuable insights into spending…

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