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In my previous career in banking, I had developed a good relationship with Milnes Beatson people, so when I went into business for myself it was good to be able to work with someone I knew, liked and trusted.

I enjoy the firm’s accessibility and responsiveness: Grant is very approachable and gets things done when I need them to be done.

The aspects of the firm’s service that are most useful to me include advice on when it’s most beneficial to take dividends; also how to manage the finances for a good taxation outcome.

Milnes Beatson was recommended to us some years back and we have been extremely happy we made the choice to contact Grant and the team; these days we are the ones passing on the recommendations.

We love the firm’s personal approach; the fact we can pick up the phone to ask a question and never get the feeling that it is an issue. Grant is able to present information in an easily understandable language and he always makes sure we have understood the finer points which are so important.

We’ve learnt a lot from his advice, especially when we decided to start our own business; Grant made us think about the bigger picture around our decisions rather than letting our relative inexperience of running our own company limit our opportunities.

We really like the fact that, even tho Milnes Beatson has grown into a fairly big firm, they remain approachable and have firmly retained that small town attitude of wanting to care for their clients, a trait we really value.

While the company has been associated with Milnes Beatson since the mid-sixties, since I bought it in the late 80’s I’ve never found any reason to want to go elsewhere.  There have been some solid friendships developed along the way, and I believe there is a deal of mutual respect between us.

It’s been important over time to have had David as a sounding board; when I’ve had problems to work through, he’s always given good advice, and I trust that advice.  Operating the business on my own could have been overwhelming but, due to having David alongside the business, I never felt alone.

We deal with all aspects of our business at Milnes Beatson and find everyone approachable; in fact I’m delighted with the friendliness of the whole team.

If you’re looking for a business advisor, Milnes Beatson is easy to deal with – you have nothing to lose, and much to gain, by having a chat.

It’s important to maintain our shareholders’ confidence in the performance of the Scheme, and having Milnes Beatson take care of administration and finances is key to that;  we can rely on a professionally managed organisation.

I also have my own company matters with Milnes Beatson and am part of another cooperative organisation which is also a Milnes Beatson client. All of these businesses are managed well, staff transitions are managed well, and any advice given is always sound.  Importantly, they understand the nature of the industry, they’re specialists in rural management while at the same time being strong on corporate management.   The staff are highly competent and it’s reassuring to have that confidence.

When you’re running a busy outfit, it’s really convenient to have a local firm.  Dealing with David has made it easy as well – his friendliness makes me feel welcome, makes it a more personal involvement than just business.

One of the important aspects for our business is knowing what we’re doing well, but also where we need to improve, and David helps by identifying all of these areas at the end of each year.

Something that helped us get our business underway was the free consultation. I would definitely recommend Milnes Beatson to others, and have done.

The aspect of Milnes Beatson service I appreciate the most is their responsiveness  – I can contact them any time and they’ll see me at the drop of a hat, with whatever advice I’m looking for.

The team is approachable and friendly, and even when there’s been a change of personnel at Milnes Beatson, the transition has been easy, well-managed.  There are good connections between the staff in our firm and theirs.

We’ve had some really helpful advice around tax planning and asset protection and value this greatly.

The best thing about Milnes Beatson is that it’s All-In-One – everything I need, accounting-wise, in one place makes life easy.

As a large, fairly complex, business it’s valuable for us to be able to ask for advice and rely on David having a good understanding of the industry to inform his answers.

We have 90 employees at present so it’s important to us to know our payroll is well taken care of, and it’s great to take advantage of Milnes Beatson staff’s skills.

We deal with several Milnes Beatson people and find them outstanding; we value their immediate response to any contact we make.

One of the benefits (of working with Milnes Beatson) is that David will come to us for business meetings, which means we can have all of our managers together to hear the same discussion.

It’s good dealing with someone local, and we find Milnes Beatson people always accommodating and friendly.

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