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Technology and change 

As many of you may have wondered, when is the right time to replace tired equipment which is still functioning as required?   “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  However, if it is a critical piece of equipment, when does the cost outweigh the risk? 

We have decided to replace our servers after many years of good service. How to upgrade them is a story for another blog.

What has been critical in our decision making is having a Disaster Recover Policy as part of our IT policy. The key component of our policy is to work back from the question, “In the worst case scenario, how long can we afford for the server to be down?”.

This could be one minute or one month, but this is the decision we need to make. Whatever we decide dictates the investment or actions needed to meet this policy.

Another important component of our IT policy is to regularly review our Disaster Recover Policy. Things change over time: will our policy still work?  Does it still meet our business needs? Is ‘like for like’ equipment still available? Generally it needs to be a living document that evolves as our business evolves.

Hopefully we never have to use our Disaster Recover Policy, but the same concept may also apply to key elements in your business.

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