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GST Invoicing changes are coming

New rules on GST invoicing apply from 1 April 2023. These changes have been designed for 21st century business record-keeping and modernise invoicing rules in place since 1986, based on paper-based record-keeping systems. The rules are permissive, so businesses can…

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Fair Pay Agreements

The Fair Pay Agreements Act has now passed and applications to initiate bargaining can be made from 1 December 2022.   The Act may have an impact on the way you run your business, so it’s important to know your rights,…

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Major Changes to Trust Law

In April 2022 the Government proposed new trust disclosure rules. These new rules were then passed into law 5 days later. The new rules allow the Inland Revenue to collect consistent data so that they can see to what extent there…

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Trusts and information disclosures

Trustees are required to ensure the due and proper administration of trusts for the benefit of beneficiaries. The Trusts Act 2019 has introduced a new presumption that trustees will make basic trust information available to every beneficiary. In addition to…

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Keeping track

Keeping track of employees’ time and then feeding all that info into your payroll system – not the most efficient use of your time, you’re thinking!?  These days we have the technology to improve so many things, surely this also…

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