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Emmissions Trading Scheme

Things to consider when deciding whether to enter the ETS With ever increasing environmental regulation, severe weather events and economic uncertainty more farmers are considering adding or increasing their forestry footprint. Some things to consider when making this decision are…

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Major Changes to Trust Law

In April 2022 the Government proposed new trust disclosure rules. These new rules were then passed into law 5 days later. The new rules allow the Inland Revenue to collect consistent data so that they can see to what extent there…

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USEFUL REMINDERS on a variety of topics

  First, let’s talk Covid The two most important things to remember are: a) Retain any documentation you have surrounding payments and subsidies you’ve received from Inland Revenue or MSD. b) Got employees working from home? The 2021 COVID-19 Protection…

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Keeping track

Keeping track of employees’ time and then feeding all that info into your payroll system – not the most efficient use of your time, you’re thinking!?  These days we have the technology to improve so many things, surely this also…

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Planning for an extra Public Holiday

Matariki celebrations now come with an official public holiday.  If you want more detail on how the dates were decided, the Advisory Committee’s report explains the methodology behind its recommendation to the government, and we’ve posted that on our website…

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