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Domestic Violence Leave

Imagine trying to work while juggling court, counselling, and your family’s needs following a domestic violence incident. This is the situation for thousands of Kiwis, but it’s set to improve with the new Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act.  The…

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No More Cheques

Inland Revenue is moving on from cheques – this is the message they’re giving us. So we need to make sure that we’re prepared, and that you’re prepared. From 1 March next year, Inland Revenue has said they will no…

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Sustainable Business Practice

Sustainability and looking after the environment is the hot topic of the decade at least – this generation’s nuclear free moment, it’s been said. Agricultural sustainability has seen the Government, the corporate sector, conservation groups and local farmers taking our…

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Tax Department Changes

The big chat around our office at the moment - Inland Revenue’s new website! Have you checked it out yet?  If you’re a payday filer, you surely will have.  It’s definitely different to what we’ve been used to, and our…

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