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Keeping track

Keeping track of employees’ time and then feeding all that info into your payroll system – not the most efficient use of your time, you’re thinking!? 

These days we have the technology to improve so many things, surely this also is an area that has benefited.

Natalie, our Payroll Administrator, advises that some of the payroll products our clients use have a time tracking feature built in.  If you’re using thankyoupayroll, crystalpayroll, xero, or paysauce, you may already be taking advantage of this feature. 

If you’re using a different payroll, you may well be able to utilise a New Zealand made product “timehub” which provides a timesheet app which integrates with a number of payrolls such as Smartly payroll, paymasters, MYOB payrolls and others.

You’re not using payroll software at all?? Give us a call to talk it through.

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