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Payday Filing

It doesn't have to mean extra work for the Employer If you are an employer, you’ve likely heard about Payday filing by now.  If you haven’t, you best get up to speed quickly (go to our website and search…

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To Claim or Not To Claim

Planning a summer business trip with a personal holiday tacked on the end? Renting out the bach and unsure what expenses can be claimed? Whatever your situation, we want to make sure you’re getting the expense claim tax break you’re…

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What is PayDay Filing?

As part of the Inland Revenue drive to simplify the tax system, from 1 April 2019, employers will be required to submit PAYE information each payday, in contrast to the current monthly returns (or for some bigger organisations, bi-monthly). So…

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Risk assessment

As accountants and business advisors, we spend many hours discussing and advising our clients on business matters. Sometimes events make us ask ourselves if we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Over the summer break, our business…

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