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Fair Pay Agreements

The Fair Pay Agreements Act has now passed and applications to initiate bargaining can be made from 1 December 2022.   The Act may have an impact on the way you run your business, so it’s important to know your rights, and responsibilities to your employees under the FPA system.

The Fair Pay Agreement system brings together employers and unions within a sector to bargain for minimum terms and conditions for all employees in that industry or occupation. The system includes support for bargaining parties to help them navigate the bargaining process and reach an outcome, as well as processes to ensure compliance.

Employment New Zealand’s website has information about the system, about the bargaining process, terms that must be included in agreements, how Fair Pay agreements will work with other employment agreements.  There’s a lot of information so if you’re an employer you’d be well advised to take some time to at least cast your eye over the information provided.

Read about it here

You may never need it, but then again you may.

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