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Fresh eyes bring a new perspective

Online Marketing : When do you know you need to make changes?

 It was pointed out to us a while back that our website was dated. Once we started looking at how design and technology had changed, we realised people had been stating the obvious about our website but we hadn’t seen it.  Apparently we should be redesigning our website at least every five years.

Once we started looking at redesigning the website, it was a bit like painting a bedroom in your house: once you’ve painted one room you feel the need to paint all the other rooms in your house.

The same applied here. Once we looked at our website, we decided to look at our logo, our physical branding and our whole on-line presence.  Although the process took longer than I hoped, I’m pleased with the outcome.  Approximately 50% of the photos on the website are of us or our clients.  We would like to make that 100%, so if you have any great photos you’d be happy to share, please send them to [email protected].   We also plan to use some of these photos in our annual calendar, so it is a great way to promote your business.

It’s about more than just having a website for your online presence these day.

 Throughout this process of change, I’ve learnt some new tricks, especially regarding facebook. We have now set up a Milnes Beatson page:   We plan to use this format to provide more regular updates on matters that might affect you and/or your business.  We kicked it off with some great photos of the team back in the 80’s, so have a look and remember to “like” the page.

So if you’re wondering about your online presence, call in some fresh eyes. Their new perspective can help you move forward, can even help an old dog learn new tricks.

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