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No More Cheques

Inland Revenue is moving on from cheques – this is the message they’re giving us. So we need to make sure that we’re prepared, and that you’re prepared.

From 1 March next year, Inland Revenue has said they will no longer accept cheques where customers have an alternative payment option available.

Upon querying this for a few of our clients who are quite rural and without computers, we have been advised that it is unlikely there will be any exemptions and it will be IR who make these decisions.

So if you are currently a cheque user, you have some time to explore your options and find a convenient and secure way that works for you. We would encourage you to do this sooner than later though so that any problems can be resolved before the final cut-off date.

Here’s a summary of payment options:

• Electronic via internet banking or direct debit in MyIR. Paying this way minimises delays and includes a formal notification of the date and time the payment was made to Inland Revenue.

• Customers can make payment by debit/credit card over the phone, through the unauthenticated payment page on the Inland Revenue website, and through myIR.

• Taxpayers can also set up direct debits in myIR.

• Cash or eftpos are still payment options but only at Westpac branches. They’re not accepted at Inland Revenue offices.

Inland Revenue has said they will soon start contacting cheque payers to let them know about this change, so you may soon receive more information.

 If you wish to discuss your options with us, we’re always happy to help where we can.

And as a footnote, ACC is also going through this same process concurrently.  If you are an ACC customer, you will likely hear from them as well.

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