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Is the “grace period” over?

One of our clients recently received a letter from Inland Revenue advising that their Payday filing was late.

Since Payday filing was introduced 1 April 2019, Inland Revenue has shown some leniency for users who have not been 100% compliant whilst we all learnt the new system.

In the notice to the client, IR indicated that, while the return was late, they won’t charge the $250 late filing fee this time but they are likely to charge if any future filing is late.

So the message is, Inland Revenue may start enforcement action if your pays are not filed on time.

Please remember we have a full time person dedicated to helping our clients process their wages, using various types of software.  

So we can help:  whether you want some advice, need someone to process your wages while you are on holiday, or maybe you’d like someone to take the job away from you for good. 

Contact Grant, David or Karen to talk over the options, or feel free to speak directly with Natalie Watson, our Payroll Administrator.

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