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Tax Department Changes

The big chat around our office at the moment – Inland Revenue’s new website! Have you checked it out yet?  If you’re a payday filer, you surely will have.  It’s definitely different to what we’ve been used to, and our thoughts are that time and patience will get us using it effectively before too long.

If you’ve already logged in, you’ll know that you can see a lot more information than you ever used to, but you can rest assured that our Tax Manager, Cath, will continue to keep an eye on your records, as she has done for many a year.  It’s Cath who checks to make sure that payments are in the right place, that assessments agree with our calculations, that penalties charged are fair and, if not, that a satisfactory argument is presented to have penalties adjusted or removed.

All this aside though, if you are looking at your log-in and have any concerns, a quick email to Cath will always get a prompt response –  [email protected].

You may have also heard that Inland Revenue has moved this year to providing automatic refunds to wages and salary earners.  However, for most of our clients, we will still need to file your returns, after doing the usual compliance work for you. Again, if you’re wondering, be sure to get in touch.

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