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Managing staff

For various reasons we have had a challenging 14 months with a higher than average turnover of staff.  It seems like we have experienced the perfect storm. Obviously we ask ourselves why and what can we do to avoid it happening again.

What is pleasing is, as an organisation, how we are managing with the situation. Five years ago, I’m not sure we would have coped quite so well.  Previous investment in our organisation structure, training procedure and policies, and staff stepping up have all given me confidence that  we will continue to provide a great service.  It won’t hide the fact that it is an added burden that we would have preferred to avoid and that we are a little behind on our workflow as originally planned.

Another positive is that the new members of the team have brought in fresh energy and ideas that will only help our organisation grow.

Change can sometimes be challenging but, if you get it right, it can also be rewarding.

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