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Inland Revenue Changes

We are back in full swing in another cycle of preparing clients’ Financial Statements and Tax Returns.

We have had a few distractions that have slowed our progress this year:

  • Payday Filing – most of us left it until the last minute to decide the best way forward, therefore some of the software providers struggled with the sudden increase in workload and consequently their support services were slow. But most seem to be back to normal now. We also had a steep learning curve coming to terms with some of the nuances of the different software.
  • There appear to be ongoing data inconsistences between our Tax Return database and Inland Revenue.  Most accounting firms seem to be having similar issues and, like us, are working through these with Inland Revenue.  This means Cath, our Tax Manager, is working extra hard to ensure the information we have is correct.  It didn’t help when we were advised that we had to individually relink all our clients to Inland Revenue’s database.

As many of you will have experienced in your own businesses, sometimes improvements come with frustrations. However, with great staff and plenty of experience in the office, we manage to get through.

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