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Cashmanager Rural


Developed by CRS Software, the program is tailored to rural businesses. It has all the financial reporting you need to measure and manage your farm performance, production and forecasting in a format both you and your bank value. The program has both an online and an offline version. The advantage of the online version is that you can access it from anywhere.

Cashmanager Rural is simple and easy to use, and its codes can be customised to meet the requirements of your rural business: Sheep & Beef, Dairy, or Cropping. CRS Software was founded by farmers, so they understand how rural business works. The codes Cashmanager uses are letter based instead of numbers like some other systems, so Animal Health is AH, Feed is FD etc.

They have also just signed up with Rabobank to make entering data even easier with bank feeds. It is working to get the other major banks on board in the near future. For those users not with Rabobank, data entry is still easy – all you have to do is download statements from your online banking and import them into Cashmanager.

Cashmanagers website has a large amount of online resources available to help you with whatever problem or question you might have.

You can also view various training videos here:

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